Red Hat System Registration - rhn_register(classic mangement) vs Red Hat Subscription Manager(GUI)?

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Hello everyone,


I purchased a subscription for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (self-support). I installed the 6.2 off of a DVD, and then ran rhn_register. I put in my account information. After that, I ran yum update as root and there were four or five updates to the system.


Later in the day I saw the 'Red Hat Subscription Manager' under System on the menu bar. I clicked on it and a warning came up. It said I my system was already registed to RHN classic.  It also said under the 'My Products' tab that my Red Hat Enterprise Linux's status was 'not subscribed.' I figured that it was because I was registered using RHN classic and it was no big deal.


Well, me being my curious self ... I went to 'Classic Management' under the 'Subscriptions' tab on the Red Hat website and deleted my system from the list. I then attempted to click the register button within the 'Red Hat Subscription Manager' GUI and it still said that my machine was registered using RHN Classic and my machine's 'status' would not changed to activated under the 'My Products' tab in the GUI.


I went back to to Red Hat web site and checked my systems list under the Classic Management group. It was empty since I deleted the system. However, my computer still said I was registed with RHN classic. I went ahead and ran rhn_register again, it told me I was registered, but I went ahead and re-registered using rhn_register. I went back to the website and my system was listed under the Classic Management 'Systems' group again.


After all that explaing, my question would be ... will there be any errors/conflicts with future updates because of what I just explained? Also, regarding the Red Hat Systems Manager GUI, did it say, under the my product's tab, that my system was not activated because of using rhn_register (when in reality it actually is registered?).


I've never licensed a Linux operating system before (or any enterprise product) and  I was just hoping for a little clarification to make sure that I made no errors during the process of registration.


Thank you for taking the time to read this; it is appreciated.




Although you unregistered the system on RHN, there are still technical requirements on the system to "migrate" from RHN Classic to certificate-based RHN. A migration tool has been included in RHEL 5.8, and is forthcoming in RHEL 6.3 if a customer is interested in migrating from RHN Classic to certificate-based RHN. Unfortunately it isn't as easy as the process you described. Take a look at the RHEL 6.3 Beta documentation that explains the process:


Hope this helps!



Red Hat, Inc.



That is what I was looking for. Thank you for your assistance; the document was extremely helpful.

"The two subscription services are mutually exclusive, with separate inventories and using separate client tools. Both the RHN Classic and Red Hat Subscription Manager tools correctly identify which service a system is registered with."


Thanks again,