Satellite Disaster Recovery

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I am interested in finding out what others are doing to provide a disaster recovery environment for their Satellite implementation.


A good start is with the documented backup/restore guidance that's in the deployment guide:


Speaking from experience, I would highly recommend *testing* a restore as well.  This key test will often save you later if your backups did not go smoothly, as well as letting you iron out and potentially automate your backup strategy.  This is documented as well.


[During your restore test you may want to isolate the Satellite on a separate network, else your test restore and your production satellite would share IP addresses, SSL information, hostnames, etc.]


Saving your SSL information is critical.  If you have that then you will not need to re-register your client systems even if you do need to rebuild your satellite.


Finally, if you run a multiple satellite setup, make sure you have the overall topology of which satellite's map to which client systems (and which satellite's sync off of each other in the case of ISS) clearly laid out.  This will ensure that, even in case of hardware failure, you can rebuild your satellite and place it back into operation.


Hope this helps!

I realized that the above information is for disaster recovery of your satellite.  If you mean using your satellite to create a disaster recovery environment for your client systems that's a different conversation :-)  Let me know what you're thinking about and I'm happy to share ideas.


Information on the disaster recovery of the Satellite server was what I was looking to learn more about.

I am now wondering if anyone has experience setting up a bi-directional sync configuration ( I am specifically wondering if there are any distance limitations with this type of configuration.


Hi David,


No there aren't any distance limitations. As long as the two satellite servers are having the desired network connectivity, I don't see any issues in having such a setup.


Does this answer your question ?



The link for the backup/recovery steps for Satellite is no longer valid, try this one instead: