RHEL 6.2 and Backup Exec 2012-Unable to establish trust

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    I am a RHEL novice and have six new 6.2 servers in my environment. I am working with Symantec to back them up with Backup Exec 2012. Unfortunately, Symantec only supports up to RHEL 6.1 at this time. I am unable to establish a trust with any of the six RHEL boxes from Backup Exec 2012. The Linux agents install fine on the RHEL servers. Has anyone used this combination successfully or backued up RHEL 6.2 using any version of Backup Exec?


Thank you.


My issue has been resolved. There was a registry key where I had disabled SSL on the media sevrer due to an error in Backup Exec 2010. Re-enabling that value allowed my to establish a trust with each RHEL server.

Thanks for following up, Mark! Glad to hear you got it resolved.