Local Disk as FC Storage Domain

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I install RHEV in test environment.

I create DC with Fibre channel type and create Storage Domain with SAN disk.

Can I use local host disk for VM ?

I know I can create domain with local disks.

Or all host must have access to all storage domain ?

Unfortunetly today I have only 1 test server with SAN connect :(



You have two choices here Alex:

1. Use local storage, on hosts that are in a Local Storage type of Data Center (will allow you to use the local disks, but no live migration)

2. Use shared storage (FC/NFS/iSCSI), where all the hosts in the Data Center are able to access the same LUNs.


Unfortunately, v3.0 does not allow mixing the two types yet. If this is critical for your deployment, please file a feature request through a support case