adding a new version of RHEL to RHEV to build RHEL servers

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I have RTFM, and Googled it for me...

I am using RHEV2.2

I am trying to build a server using RHEL5.8 64 byte, we have 5.7, 6.0, and 6.1

I am in the window "edit Server Virtual Machine"  tab "boot sequence" and trying to "attach CD"

the prior version we have built with are listed, but I am trying to add RHEL5.8 iso to this list.

The manual says to choose from this list, it does not tell me how to populate this list with new servers.


I have the iso in  http://yum/5.8   aka  /var/www/html/yum/5.8

I have the iso unpacked in /mnt1 (is this necessary to build a kickstarted server in RHEV 2.2)

What my goal is, is to build a 5.8 redhat server



The ISO need to be populated to the ISO storage domain attached to the Data Center.


See details at