Windows XP Pool is not getting sealed

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Hi Team,

Thank you for your extended support as usual.

I am trying to create a pool of windows XP desktop machines for which I need to create a template and seal the template. I have followed the below steps:

  1. Download sysprep to the virtual machine to be used as a template.
    1. The Windows XP Sysprep tool is available at:
    2. Create a new folder c:\sysprep.
    3. Open the file and put its contents in c:\sysprep.
    4. Execute sysprep.exe from within the folder. Click OK on the welcome message.
    5. The Sysprep tool displays.
    6. Select the following check boxes:
      Don't reset grace period for activation
      Use Mini-Setup
    7. Ensure that the Shutdown mode is set to Shut down before clicking Reseal
    8. Acknowledge the pop-up window. The virtual desktop will go through the sealing process and then shut down automatically

rhevm-config -s ProductKey=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (THE WINDOWS XP SERIAL KEY) --cver=general
service jbossas restart

Now whenever I start the virtual dekstop from the pool, still I have to update every guest dekstop machine with the Serial key of windows XP however I have already sealed the template with the same.

Kindly suggest.





Can you check ?

Hi Sadique, 


I have followed the steps mentioned in the above link however still it asks for all the steps to add the machine in the domain and also for the XP Serial key.


Kindly suggest.