Linux containers (LXC) and RHEV Manager

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Is it possible to manage LXC by RHEV?


There is no lxcutils in RHEL 6.2. So virsh/virt-manager is the only way to manage LXC.

Libvirt fully support LXC and as I understand RHEV use libvirt.

Is it possible to configure RHEV to manage linux containers?

It will be a great competitive solution against Virtuozzo.


>> Is it possible to manage LXC by RHEV?

RHEV do not have support for LXC.

afaik LXC do not have some features like live migration as in Virtuzo, and its more focused on single host deployments. So how you are planning to use it in your environment. May be we can file an RFE.




lxcutils is indeed not provided in RHEL6; refer to Does RHEL 6 provide LXC tools needed to user Linux Containers?. There is an open feature request (RFE) for it that is being tracked through private bugzilla #640001; it is aimed at RHEL7 rather than RHEL6.


As Anil mentioned, RHEV does not currently support LXC containers. There is an open RFE for LXC support in RHEV-M; it is tracked through private bugzilla #809128.


If you would like to add your voice to one of these RFEs, please open a support case with GSS; we can then capture your business and functional requirements and add them to the relevant bugzilla entry.