2 FC storage domains ?

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Is it possible for a guest to have storage across two similar types of storage domain ?


For e.g., I want to set-up a guest with 2 FC domains. One FC domain providing boot disks for the guests and the other FC domain providing data disks.


I went thru' the admin guide for RHEV v3, but did not see any such reference and hence the query.


I have set-up 2 FC domains in my RHEV set-up and bunch of guests (their boot disks are sourced out of first FC domain), and defined and activated another FC domain for the same datacenter ("default" in my case). The 2nd FC domain is, indeed activated.


However, when I attempted to assign a virtual disk to one of my guests, it does NOT ask me to specify the storage domain, instead, it defaults the domain to be same as the one where guest boot disk is located.


Hence the query.


Will appreciate some clarification and pointers.







Currently, RHEV only allows to have a single VM's set of drives on the same storage domain. This limitation should be lifted in the versions to come.

Hi Dan,


Thanks for the response. If multiple storage domains of same-type are not supported for a guest, is it possible to augment the storage domain (by adding more LUN's to it for an FC domain) ?




Yes, actually, this is the only supported method for increasing a storage domain size - you add another LUN to it. Essentially, a storage domain is an LVM VG with added metadata and clustering mechanisms. To grow a VG, you add a PV (another LUN).