single interface and VLAN

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I see from the docs that you cannot create a vlan'able config if you have the rhevm network (bridge) configured.


How do I then create a network interface that has multiple VLAN's with only one physical nic ?




that currently RHEV 3.0 has 2 limitations. One of them is that you can not configure any other logical network in the same interfece where you have configured rhevm. And the other one is yhat you can not mix vlan tagged and untagged logical in the same network card.


If you have only one NIC, I think at this moment you can only work with the rhevm network and have all your VMs running in that network.





This is a bug that is going to be fixed soon. You will soon be able to configure vlan tagging on "rhevm" network provided that "rhevm" network itself is using a tagged interface.


Please see detailed discussion on thread

Thanks to you both :)