Custom Partition Size on RHEV-H 3.0

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How to set custom partition size of various partition on RHEV-H 3.0 (Evaluation version)

Documentation mentions to append "storage_vol ..." parameter in 

boot menu kernel parameter but it dosen;t.


Specifically how to increase the config default partition size from 5MB to some 1024MB

i tried 

storage_vol=:4000:1024:2048:-1 but it seems to work.







>> storage_vol=:4000:1024:2048:-1 but it seems to work


I think you have meant, it did not seem to work :)






Please check the above document page.


The storage_vol parameter is used to partition the storage device set by the storage_init parameter. Also the first and third values represent the boot and root partitions respectively, which have fixed sizes.


Can you correct the fields and try again.