RHEV 2.2 VM export problem

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I'm trying to migrate our existing RHEV 2.2 domain to a new location. It's basically a simple migration of VMs from one RHEV 2.2 instance to a new fresh installed latest version of RHEV 2.2. We've encountered a problem after successfully exported/imported 7 VMs (Windows and Linux based). We use an external NFS storage for this operation. After the 7th VM the export operation runs the way it should (it even ends with successful state) but we don't see the exported VMS on the NFS export storage in the RHEV Manager - the OVF files for the latest exported VM are present on the NFS but in the logs our SPM gives this error and we are unable to import those newly exported VMs. Any ideas ?


Hi Artur,


This is the kind of issue I would suggest you open a support ticket for. Not that we don't want to help, but resolving this will mean a very thorough investigation of the system logs, which can be done much better by support.


We would be happy to answer any questions though