Runnig RHEV Hypervisor inside a virtual machine. is it possible ?

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Is there any way of virtualizing a RHEV-H ?. I know that to virtualize the hypervisor may not be a good idea. But my aim is to test different configurations etc for a demo (do not need the performance) and I do not have engouh HW. 


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Jesus Bustos




It is possible to install RHEV-H to a virtual machine.  However, RHEV-H will warn you that virtualization support is not enabled (since running nested VMs does not always work).  This means that you cannot run any guests inside of the virtualized RHEV-H, since without nested virtualization support all guests would be fully emulated.  There may be hacks that will trick RHEV-M into running guests on virtualized RHEV-H, but those hacks are not supported formally.  Best place to ask about those might be the upstream oVirt community.


And running in this configuration is certainly not supported.  So it should be possible to do what you are looking to do, but if you run into any issues related to installation, support will likely ask you to reproduce on a bare metal install before assisting you with any issues.





Thank you for  your quick reply.


Actually I have set this up myself, just for testing/demo purpose. What I did was to use Fedora 16 on my desktop, using virt-manager and then 1 VM for the manager, and 2 VM's as hypervisor. For the hypervisor VM's you need to open configuration, choose processor and then under configuration click the button named "Copy host CPU configuration".


If you have an intel CPU I think you also need a file in /etc/modprobe.d, containing options kvm-intel nested=1

Maybe this last one is not needed anymore, don't know if nested is enabled by default now or not.