Drop the license cost of Satellite Proxy

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I don't mean lower it.  Remove it altogether.


Proxies are a well understood method of reducing bandwidth for systems connected over low bandwidth links.  But Red Hat somehow sprinkle some magic fairy dust on Satellite Proxy to enable overpriced charges for it.


I already pay licenses for all my RHEL systems.

I pay a license to deploy Satellite.

I pay a license fee for each system connecting to the Satellite.


Could you not see a way to remove the license fee for allowing my Satellite to efficiently manage patching, config management and provisioning of systems that are at the end of a WAN link?


Interesting to note that the price of 1 RHN Proxy also includes a subscription to RHEL Server, with Premium 24/7 support for both the OS and RHN Proxy service on it. As such, the small addition on top of the OS price, I feel makes this quite competitive.


If you are buying a seperate RHEL purchase, to install RHN Proxy on top off, please contract your account rep.





Thanks Clifford.  I'll get in touch with my rep.