How to Search my own qns

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Is there a way on this Group section, where I can search my own questions (and it's responses) ?


A mechanism has to be provided for searching your own posts. I tried the "View all" button, but it says "Page not found". I also tried searching on my login name, but could not find any posts.


Hope someone @RH can let me know. If it is not implemented, then something for RH to look upon as a suggestion for improvement.





Hi Dharmesh,  and thanks for your post.


It's not as easy as we'd like, but you should be able to click the "browse" link at the top of each group page, such as the RHEV group-


and enter your name in the "Author field" (it should begin to auto-complete). I see a few of your posts coming up when searching your name but let us know if it's inaccurate.


Hope that helps!