install/setup of rhevm on server without connection to redhat

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last week we got introduction to RHEV 3.0 from one of the redHat Solutions architects.

Now I've registered at redHat  (as he proposed) to get the 60 days software trial etc.

Unfortunately our test systems are located in a network without connection to the internet.

So, I cannot register the RHEVM server and also the "yum install" will not work.

Thus the "Alter Channel Subscriptions" for registered server cannot be executed.


From the download pages I only got two ISOs: one for the hypervisor and the redHat 6 dvd iso.

Is there any possibility to download the "rhevm" package?


Thanks in advance!



Please take a look at


It currently suggests using reposync, which might result in large downloads, if that is an issue for you, please let me know, and I'll suggest another way

Thanks for the reply.

I will check if I can get permission to setup a repo server like described in the document.


If not, I'll come back to this track.




You will need to set up a repo in any case. The guide talks about setting up an FTP server, but if you can't do that, simply copy the files over to the RHEV-M machine, run createrepo on all the downloaded directories, as shown in the guide, and in yum.repos.d create repo files that point to the local paths using file:/// instead of ftp://