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Before the recent site change, the Customer Portal's Subscriptions tab --> Active Subscriptions page showed my company's subscriptions in 1 big long list.  Now, it breaks the list into seperate pages with 10 subscriptions per page.  (I.e. "Showing 1 to 10 of 38 entries (filtered from 41 total entries)".)


When it was 1 big long list, I could select everything, copy, and then paste it into a spreadsheet.  Yes, it was a little unclean, but it allowed me to get the data into a format I could then sort and send to my manager for review.


Now, I have traverse across 4 pages to get all that.  So, I'd like to make 2 suggestions:


1.  Have a drop-down box that lets the customer determine how many subscriptions should be showed per web page.  One of the options in the drop-down box should be "all".


2.  Allow customers to download their subscriptions in CSV (comma separated value) file.




Hi Bernie,


Thanks for your suggestions! I've pinged the team that provides support for the Web Subscription tooling, and had the following comments:


1. Drop-down that shows "all" has been submitted for inclusion. thanks!


2. CSV exporting can be done via a plugin, which I will have to follow up with.


Thanks, and stay tuned!





Any news on that CSV Plugin ?



Checking up on this, Rich. Andrius should respond here shortly.

Hello Rich,

Apologies for the delay in response on the question about CSV files.

After you are logged into the Red Hat Customer Portal you can navigate to Subscriptions --> Subscription Management Applications or Active Subscriptions. From there at the bottom of the page is a Export All as CSV button.

This will allow you to download all your active subscriptions into a CSV file. Let us know if this does not meet your needs or if you have any further questions



Awesome, Shea. I didn't know about this. Thanks for the tip.