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What are the options to update hypervisor in rhev 3.0?

Suppose a server with mgmt card (es Drac for Dell or iLO for HP), can I attach the iso and boot and proposed a non dsruptive update?

Is there still an approach similar to 2.2 where I put the iso inside a special rhev manager directory?




The approach from 2.2 remained in 3.0, on RHEV-M run


yum update rhev-hypervisor

and it will be downloaded and placed in the right directory

Please refer the below link:



Thanks Sadique. I didn't remember in which manual I found this information during the beta cycle...


I was able to update to latest hypervisor version in less than 6 minutes.

Some points here:

- I'm also testing the technology preview of webadmin portal.

Using it, I was able to put hypervisor in maintenance mode, but after selecting the "install" link and the iso image, I got an error 500.

Making logout/login and reattempting I got no window at all when selectin "install" link.

I see a "javascript;" at status bar on the left.

BTW: browser is firefox 10.0.1 on Fedora 16 and in login windows it appears as not supported, so I don't know if I would get similar problems using RH EL supported os and browser....


- After update from admin portal inside ie 8 and windows xp the host comes at final up state this strange things happen:


1) in admin portal it appears as UP (as detailed in the manual) but I continue to get

in details pane of the host:

! A new RHEV-Hypervisor version is available


while I can see in console of the host and details pane that the kernel is now 2.6.32 - 220.4.2 so it is different than before (2.6.32 - 220.2.1)



2) in webadmin portal in details pane I get

Host is in maintenance mode, you can Activate it by pressing the Activate button. If you wish to upgrade or reinstall it click


While at top there are the correct buttons showing that it is indeed up and not in maintenance, such as:
. activate button is greyed out
. maintenance button is selectable
. status column is "UP" and left icon is representing it
Both 1) and 2) don't change if I sign out / sign in...
So repeat step using directly admin portal from windows and I get a new install of the same kernel, but at the end I continue getting the same message about a new version available. And from webadmin portal it continues to say it is in maintenace mode as before...
BTW: perhaps after update, it would be better to put the host in maintenance mode again and let the admin to manually activate/put up it... just my opinion
Thanks for support

interesting, do you see that in webadmin, or in the old GUI as well?

1) considerations  --> admin portal 

2) considerations --> webadmin portal

1 is just a mater of time, once the host is UP, this should go away, as it gets rechecked

2 might be a bug, I'll have to try and reproduce it locally. Do you get this every time, or just once?