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I don't know if this is the correct place to ask, but I would love to have a consistent iconset for drawing RedHat based network diagrams. It should be both "open graphics"(to use in Draw or Dia) and a Visio stencil. They should be in the style RedHat uses in their (online) documentation. The best place to put them is in "Downloads" -> "Additional Downloads" on this site.

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Hi Fred,

I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora both offer a wide range of fonts and graphics that are licensed under the GPL.  In RHEL 5 and 6 you can check out the hicolor-icon-theme package, or gnome-themes  or liberation-fonts-common and in RHEL 6.  Fedora has a lot more of content along these lines.

If I've misunderstood your request, feel free to clarify.  For instance, if you were more interested in a toolset to draw diagrams rather than the graphics themselves, then let us know (perhaps in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux discussion group) and we can see if we can find something that suits your needs.



John Ruemker, RHCA

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I ended up here also looking for graphics to do Visio diagrams.

I would also be keen to know if the graphics etc. used for Red Hat documentation are available for general use? or if Red Hat provide an icon set for Red Hat products?

Ad documentation graphics: Red Hat docs are licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license, which means that you can reuse the contents (incl. the graphics) for free, provided that you observe the terms of that license.

Thanks Robert. The question remains, are the source vectors / high res images available?

I gather there is a set of graphics that Red Hat use when developing documentation which would include an icon set, is this source material available? or is the only option to cherry pick the images from other documents following the license above?

It's quite common for vendors to provide stencil/icon sets for their products, eg.

But I haven't been able to find an equivalent for Red Hat.

All the docs-related graphics (vector, SVG) are in the Publican brand packages. The ones used for Red Hat guides are in publican-redhat.

Thansk for that Robert. The images in this package are fairly limited (numbers, Red Hat logo, and icons for the notice boxes etc.).

Do you know where the server/workstation/storage images/icons are coming from?

Are they licensed in the same way? are they from Fedora upstream somewhere?

Those look very much like a derivation of the Bluecurve theme used in older versions of Fedora/Red Hat Linux. See, for example, here: http://people.redhat.com/~duffy/icons/icons/icons-apps-96.ai (15 MB). I will find out who created that particular image and what icons they used.

Well, the icons in the drawing you linked are really from the old Bluecurve theme as I guessed before, but I've been told that there is an effort underway to update the icons used in these documentation drawings to the new icon theme. So, if you want to make use of the new set, take a look at the gnome-icon-theme package, which contains the icons used in RHEL7.

If you have RHEL7 with the GNOME desktop installed, you can find the icons (including a set of symbolic images in SVG) in the /usr/share/icons/gnome directory.


Red Hat has just launched the brand.redhat.com website. It contains official brand designs, which you may find helpful.

Hi Robert,

I was looking over set of icons lastly to use in a presentation and found this topic - I have visited the page You've posted, but access is restricted there (which is a little bit funny for me). Because quoting the page:

"Standard icons must be created to the specs below to ensure they work with the existing set. If you create new icons, share them back with us and everyone else."

If I will create something new they want Me to share My work with them but I cannot get access to already created icons.....

Hi Tomasz,

I believe you need to be logged in to your Red Hat account to be able to download the data. Have you tried it like that?

Just to be sure, are we talking about http://brand.redhat.com/elements/icons/?


I hope not, as a customer were not able to download these icons.
As a non agent (I work for an Advanced Partner) I get a message that I should not want access to the download pages.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thanks for the insight, Jan. In that case, the site is misleading (or poorly designed) because it lets you view the page in question, including the download links, but doesn't let you actually download the advertised data.

There should be a note explaining that the actual content is only available to $someone.

I'm going to ask the brand team about the rules and the rationale.


I will have a look in the publican-redhat rpm tonight

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit

Still no icons that can be used to document an environment using Red Hat components? For example, we have both a vSphere environment and a RHEV environment. For vSphere, I can icons VMWare provides in a presentation (that could be used in e.g. LibreOffice) at https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-13702 or in a Visio stencil (at https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-11498 ).

I guess I will just have to use VMWare icons (hypervisors, VMs etc.) in my diagrams of our RHEV environment for now.

Hi Redhat team... have you got any update on this?

Are there any visio stencils/icons available?

Vector graphics such as the ones in your marketing material here: http://bit.ly/2gsIxxQ would be great to diagram an Openstack design with:


Hi Alexander,

I'm a UX designer with the Fedora engineering team and the maintainer of Bluecurve (the dated icons already mentioned.) Bluecurve and its sources are available via git here: https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/bluecurve.git

I just emailed the design lead for the iconset used in the diagram you linked to (http://bit.ly/2gsIxxQ) to ask her about whether or not we can make those sources available for diagramming. I'm not sure, because I think they are considered Red Hat brand assets and not openly licensed, so it may not be possible to release the sources publicly. I will follow up with you when I hear back.

I use Linux as my platform so I'm not able to run Visio and create stencils for it; however I do use Inkscape and as of late Inkscape has a 'symbol library' feature where you can load in icon sets and drag them on canvas which is very helpful for diagramming. I understand if you'd rather not switch tools, but in case that is a possibility for you - xaviju, an Inkscape development community member, has put together a github repo of multiple symbol sets for Inkscape including the icons from FontAwesome and Google Material Icons:


To install you just drop the *.svg files for each library into the 'symbols' dir under ~/.config/inkscape/symbols (or wherever the inkscape config dir might live on your platform of choice.) You may find those libraries useful.

I hope this helps. If you haven't heard from me in a while (I don't log in here often) please feel free to contact me at duffy at redhat dot com.

Cheers, ~m

Hi Alexander,

So the design lead for the Red Hat icon set already got back to me. She is going to look into getting permissions for releasing the files publicly so you can use them. I do have a couple of questions for you:

  • Is SVG format sufficient? We're not familiar with Visio (we prefer FLOSS tools) so I don't know if you can generate stencils for it given a set of SVGs?

  • Would you prefer the icons in a tarball/zip you could download or as a git repo you could pull from? (Or doesn't matter, either way?)

Cheers, ~m

Hi Máirín,

Thanks for getting back to me, this is all great information. Always happy to try something new, so I'll have a go with inkscape.

As for you other questions. SVG's can be opened directly in Visio, so releasing them in that format on github would be great!

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

Great! I've passed this on to the lead designer. You may not hear back from me until after the holidays - the process involves legal review for the licensing (hopefully CC) and that can take some time. I'll pop back in here and give an update when I have more to report.

Cheers, ~m

Hi Máirín, have you news about this? Thanks in advance, Marco

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