please add Jenkins to Redhat packaging in Release 7

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I'd like to suggest that Redhat package Jenkins for inclusion in the Red Hat distribution directly to enable receiving a tested version of Jenkins, without going to the Jenkins open source project to get it.


Debian just started packaging Jenkins in their testing distribution and I think it would be nice if Red Hat did the same.


This has never crossed my mind, but it's a great idea.  Should be a simple inclusion too.

Hudson and Jenkins have yum repositories. See . With a little diligence, one can maintain a stable version of their choice on a RHEL machine. With a fast moving product like Jenkins, I'm not sure if you'd like RH to freeze on a major version for RHEL 7.x and wait until RHEL 8.x for the next major version.

I no longer look at Hudson releases, but the Jenkins team do create new releases on a frequent basis.

Red Hat don't freeze products unnecessarily however.  With Jenkins bugfixes and enhancements, Red Hat have the capability (if not the capacity) to view the Jenkins releases and roll them into a RHEL channel on an appropriate basis and create relevant Errata for them.  It may not involve every release of Jenkins to hit the repository, but there's little to suggest that packages wouldn't receive updates between RHEL 7.x and RHEL 8.x.