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Hi there,


I'm having problems with the single sign on and JBoss 5.1.2. I have 2 applications: one is responsible for the authentication and authorisation and the second is a normal webapplication. When I access the web application it leads me to the login page. After the sucessfull login I keep getting a redirect loop to the login page. It only stops, when I delete the JSESSIONIDSSO cooky. I use the: org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.sso.ClusteredSingleSignOn for the Single Sign-on.


Any hint is very much appreciated.






I think you might be hitting a known issue when using ClusteredSingleSignOn*. There is a patch available for EAP 5.1.1 but not for EAP 5.1.2 [1]. If using EAP 5.1.1 is not an option please raise a support case and we can look at the options available.





*Without looking at the logs etc I can't guarantee this is the same problem. Do not apply this patch in a production environment without consulting us via a Support Case first.