Settings not taken by sysprep for w7 desktop

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I'm testing multi domain feature.

My rhev manager 3.0 is configured also as an IPA server and DNS server and I have also configured its named.conf to forward queries for the LAB.ADTEST.ORG Win2008 R2 AD domain to its domain controller.

This way I was able to join both domains in my closed lab:

# rhevm-manage-domains -action=list
    User name: admin@TEST.ORG
    This domain is a remote domain.
    User name: rhevadmin@LAB.ADTEST.ORG
    This domain is a remote domain.
Manage Domains completed successfully

rhevadmin is the user configured in AD with delegated controls for

• Join a computer to the domain.
• Modify the membership of a group.


From a w7 vm configured in a workgroup with some installed apps I followed instructions to make it a template, with regedit and sysprep.

I then created a cloned vm based on it, specifying the AD domain and then run once with a:\sysprep attached.

After about 5-10 minutes of applying computer settings I got a reboot and vm started but domain settings were not taken..

Where to find logs and correct on rhevm?

I found some files under c:\windows\ such as






I also have configured the w7 prod key and in fact I get it with

# rhevm-config -a |grep ProductKey

ProductKeyWindow7: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX version: general

If I try then to join the domain giving the rhevadmin user it succeeds, so it seems to me it is ok.


BTW: in general tab of vm in linux webadmin it says

Template: Blank

even if it was created from a template named w7template


A bug to report for webadmin portal tech preview: when you open once a spice console for a vm and then shutdown the vm, you are then not able to open another spice console for it (no icon appears any more). Quick logout/login fixes it as a workaround...


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Reading again 7.1.1 paragraph, it contains this:


Before beginning the Sysprep process to prepare a virtual machine to be used as a template, ensure that the following settings have been configured:
• The Windows Sysprep parameters have been correctly defined. If not, click Edit VM and enter the required information in the Operating System and Domain fields.


Is it true? I thought that the domain part was a part regarding vm creation, not template preparation. So that the parameter in sysprep file would be fille d in based on vm definition.....

Or do I have to set only one AD domain to use with sysprep through rhevm-config as in 2.2?

I've been trying to get this working since early versions of RHEV 3.0 . Finally spent some time on it and turns out that there are several issues keeping the Windows Setup from behaving:

(a) In a pool configuration, I don't think that the floppy drive gets mounted on machines started afresh. This is true even if the machine was sysprep-ed and templated with the sysprep floppy mounted. Pointing the UnattendFile path to a network location might be a better idea.

(b) The sysprep template file itself is not properly constructed. Moving TimeZone to oobeSystem gets reflected immediately in subsequent testing - when Windows Setup doesn't ask for the Time Zone setting anymore. Tests conducted using a sysprep-ed image and Run Once with the sysprep floppy mounted, UnattendFile pointing to a:\sysprep.inf .

Other worry is that this only works with Generalize ticked in sysprep. That takes an awful lot of time for Windows to prepare itself upon first boot - which is always true for a virtual machine belonging to a pool.

A sample sysprep.w7 file, which I created using the Microsoft AIK tool and somewhat works for me, can be found here: . Haven't included the Product Key section in that though.