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I'm been using webmin to manage my service and logs for a while now, I would like to explore different system  managing tools.


I would like to know if RHES has some similar packages already included in the ES edition that I'm not aware of.


Any suggestions?


Thank you




If you are looking for GUI-style tools, look at the system-config-* tools. The ones that end with 'tui' are ones with a text-based user interface. In terms of web-based administration, I don't know of any built-in RHEL administration tools with a web interface.

Thank you Phil, yes I know the system-config tools and I use this extensively, specially the -tui text based. 


Ideally I would like one central point to manage  all my stations to make my life easier. Webmin allow you to do that if you configure it in a cluter mode. But like I sadi before there is a lot otweaking to do if you want to make it work right for red-hat especially the ldap part.


I noticed that red-hat comes with tog-pegasus, which I'm not familiar but from what I'm reading it seems a product that monitor enterprise resources right? I wander if this can be a valid alternative to webmin.


Thank you for your reply and for confirming that red-hat doesn't have tools included in the ES packages similar to webmin.