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Can someone point me out to the RH's  docs  on   advanced bonding configurations . We have HP server with 4 NICs  onboard . One  used for  rhevm , another is directly  connected to some logic  network with statis ip . eth2 and 3 I configured as bond0 . I expected  to have an option to configure  multiple bonding interfaces . I  found a  video presentation  on this  issue . What about  a doc?


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Does this help ?

Yes, it does .


Also I join the comment  in the mentioned link on STV options examples and explanation  in more depth .

I am testing  RHEV 3.0 with hipervisor node 6.2 and I found very interesting this document, specially the part about multiple VLAN netowk layout with a NIC bond, but I have problems with the rhevm network.


I can create a bond to link the management logical network, but after that, I'm unable to attach any other logical network to that bond. Do you know if is this posible?



I guess your rhevm network is not tagged. Currently, RHEV does not allow setting tagged and untagged networks on the same interface

Yes, my rhevm network is not tagged, thanks for your advice. I have made some test and configuring the rhevm network as tagged I can see that is not possible to add more netowks over the managemente netwok. I opened a case with RedHat support and this is waht they told me:


"In RHEV3, it's not currently possible to add more logical networks on top of rhevm network. It doesn't matter the interface used for rhevm is bonded or not. This is a bug and a fix is being worked out with high priority. An async errata will be released soon.
In the meantime, you can try the work around of manually setting it up via /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-xxx files. However, I recommend waiting for the fix. Please note that we do not support mixing tagged and untagged vlans. So you should use a tagged vlan for rhevm network as well once the fix is released. Only then you will be able to add more tagged logical network on top of rhevm."


Then, it seems at this moment is not possible to add more logical networks in the same interface where is configured the management network.


Thanks for your help.

Hi Antonio,


Have you heard anything new about this fix?

I'm in the same situation.


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Patches required to fix this issue has gone through all required QA tests and waiting for release.


I will update this thread once the fix goes out.

How is it going with those patches? :)

Just released. Please update to the below packages.