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Hi All,


Weve been playing with igel thin clients who were awesome at getting support for rhev 3.0 into the latest firmware. While almost everything works as expected there are issues in our set-up with video playback of any kind. We stumbled across this issue initially on youtube but hence have tested with any video of any format.


While using RHEV version 2.2 we did not have these issues. Is there any fine tuning we can do the spice or RHEV in general to help get this back to at least the performance we were experiencing with 2.2?


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Hi Marius, great to see you here at the User Groups!


Can you please provide some details as to what exactly you are seeing, what the logs show, and how that differes from the same setup using 2.2?





Hi Dan!


Great to see the groups are coming together and that youre still whacking things out with RHEV. I like how the products are coming along ;)


I have no errors and we just decomissioned our 2.2 install so it will be awhile before we compare again unless we are at a client site pushing for an upgrade.


At this point I can attach the logs from rhev 3.0 if they are of use?  


There is a difference in set-up as with rhev 2.2 we had an iscsi san while with rhev 3.0 we were using local disks. The system has one quad core 2.6 Ghz processor, 12 GBRAM and 3 x 146 15k SAS disks.


Ill get back with more info when we power up again.




I have found that YouTube performance is not as high in RHEV 3.0 as it was in RHEV 2.2.  (I have only tried EL6 guests.)


Some issues in 3.0:


= The frame rates seem lower in 3.0.


= Making a video display full screen seems to make the client very slow to respond.


= When Firefox renders http://youtube.com, the background is sometimes corrupted.

EL6 desktops are performing considerably better after updating xorg-x11-drv-qxl from 0.0.14-10.el6 to 0.0.14-13.el6_2.


= Youtube video framerates seem to be improved.


= The responsiveness of full-screen youtube sessions is improved.


= I haven't yet seen corruption in the background of Firefox.

I'm also noticing some sluggishness with SPICE on the IGEL thin clients (IGEL rocks, btw...tried Dell/Wyse, and they wouldn't give me the time of day, but IGEL has everything working out of the box).  The worst thing I'm seeing is that the mouse response is unbearably slow, but I'm also seeing some tearing and sync issues with full motion video/audio.

In some cases I'm able to move up to RHEL6, but I do have to keep RHEL5 around, and since RHEL5 and RHEL6 home directory profiles are incompatible, most folks use RHEL5.

Has anyone else found a way to overcome this behaviour?



There is a spice-vdagent release in the EPEL 5 repo.  One of the features listed is Client mouse mode.

Thank you, Aram.  I'll take a look at it.  I was hoping not to have to rely on installing agents and packages from external repositories to solve this, but if that's the only way I can get it to work properly, so be it.

When I get time to run some tests, I'll post my results.