How to disable ctrl-alt-delete?

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We normally protect our installs from the combination of a large windows support organization, hp ILO and ctrl-alt-delete.


What is the correct way of doing this on the 3.0 hypervisor? I tried the following.


Disabled ctrl-alt-delete in /etc/init/control-alt-delete.conf

persist /etc/init/control-alt-delete.conf


If I do a init q, it works. Ctrl alt delete is disabled. But after reboot, ctrl-alt-delete "works" as a reboot again.


Any advice on the correct way of doing this would be appreciated.

Thnaks, Brian


after reboot, check if your ctrl-alt-delete.conf is still in place. If it is, you need to add the command `init q` to rc.local and persist rc.local as well

Ok, kind of figured that was how to do it.


Just saw a bunch of ovirt stuff allready happening in rc.local, and wasn't sure if there's any implications persisting that file.


But, it works that way,




Great, this is a usable workaround, and should be fine for a POC, if the feature is eally important though, please file an RFE through a support case, after you've started using RHEV in production.

I thought I'd add this comment, even though this discussion hasn't been touched since 2012...

RHEL 5 See this Red Hat Solution

RHEL 6 See this Red Hat Solution

RHEL 7 See this Red Hat Solution

This of course will not avert someone mashing the power button, or a virtual power off through some console.