Opinion(s) on RH318 - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Course and Test (EX318)

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I was hoping to get some perspective from folks that have attended the course.

Was the course worthwhile, in particular if you have to fund travel and lodging?

Was the test as challenging as the RHCE?  Did the class provide a signicant advantage towards the passing the exam?


I understand the question(s) are somewhat ambiguous.. I'm just looking for a gut feel from people that have attended the class and/or taken the exam.




I took RH318 this past summer and passed the certification. The course is definitely useful for preparing for the exam. To see what you need to know, check out the exam prep guide here: https://www.redhat.com/courses/ex318_red_hat_enterprise_virtualization_exam/study_guide/


The class is currently based on RHEV 2.2, which means that the Red Hat Virtualization Manager runs in Windows. I'm not allowed to comment on how hard or easy the exam is. But that fact that most of the administration is done through a Web browser might make it easier than the RHCE exam for someone used to Windows administration.


The RHEV 3.0 version of RH318 is currently in development. The class content is similar, with one of the major differences being that the RHEV-M now runs on a RHEL server, with some new command line tools. I can't say when the revised RH318 will be released, but when it is I'll post a notice back here.