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Hi all,


as far as I can see the RHEV UserPortal sends the display network IP address of the host the VM is running on to the SPICE client when a connection is made.


Is there any method to make the UserPortal send the hostname of the host instead?

This would make SPICE work e.g. thru a firewall with a NATted host. At least if every host has its own public IP which is just not the same as the display network IP which is private.


How are others resolving such a scenario?






Hi all,


I am having similar scenario, I have client (IE) here on the public, opening the VM console (spice) was not successfull. I did trace the error using MS TCPview and found that the connection was between the my Windows7 and the internal IP of the hypervisor. Of course this won't work.


The hypervisors reside behind firewall/nat. They all are bond to the private IP range. It should be working if this system returns hostname or FQDN instead of IP then we can resolve it using DNS or host file.




This is a known issue in RHEV 3.0, that is being worked on. 

That's good to know. Is there any release targeted for this?


I might need it for a customer project.


There are multiple ways to solve this.


Let RHEV-M return hypervisor fqdn to the client so that client can resolve it to the public nat IP of the hypervisor and make the spice connection possible.


Make all spice connections brokered through RHEV-M.


Both are in consideration and under review for a future releasea, but not yet targetted for a specific release.


My humble request is to open a case with GSS so that the request would get more priority when Product Management reviews it.