RHEV3: seeking for virtio driver for windows

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As part of curent evaluation, I'm willing to test windows OS. I managed to found virtio floppy for rhev 2 (https://access.redhat.com/kb/docs/DOC-24866) but i'm unsure it works for RHEV3.

Could someboby answer?




Yes it works thank you. How could have found it by myself?


Most important, is there a document explaining roles of various drivers and how could I get a 1Gbps Ethernet under windows?



First of all, for future reference, look for packages relevant to RHEV under the RHEL 6 channels, because it is not a standalone package now, like it used to be with RHEV 2.


As for the drivers, it's easy enough:

virtio_blk is the virtio disk driver

virtio_net is the virtio network driver

guest agent is the agent installed in the VM that reports VM information (like the IP address and stats) back to the RHEV-Manager

SSO is the package that allows you to log in to the user portal once, and then connect to VMs without providing your password again

QXL is the Spice GPU driver

USB client is the package that allows for USB redirection into the VM

I found this video later on and think it could be useful for other guys having same question: https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/videos/red-hat-enterprise-virtualization-installing-guest-tools

For best network throughput, use the virtio_net driver in your Windows VM

Thank you, I managed getting my Windows running with both disk and network virtio drivers. I'm now looking for RHEV3 guest agent download (which should answer another question I posted today: how to get VM's IP displayed in RHEV manager columns).


on your RHEV-M run `yum install rhev-guest-tools-iso`

Then you will be able to find the tools ISO at /usr/share/rhev-guest-tools-iso/rhev-tools-setup.iso

Thanks this well worked. One complementary question: how installing agent in Linux VMs? is it some kind of yum install rhev-guest-tools?

You need to first subscribe your RHEL guest system to a child channel called "Red Hat Enterprise Virt Agent", then do "yum install rhev-agent" and then do "service rhev-agentd start".

Thanks, it well worked for me.