Identity Management (IPA) RHEL 6.2 winsync question.

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Hey all.


Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question.


I have set up an Identity Management server (ipa-server) on rhel 6.2.

I have also installed a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 to try out the replication between theese two.


Now i do get users to successfully synchronize between the AD and the IPA domain, however the default group assignment is not working.



I create a user from inside the IPA domain (webb or commandline) and the user is automaticly granted membership in the group "ipausers".


I create a user in the Microsoft Active Directory and the user is successfully replicated over to the IPA domain BUT the user is NOT a member of the "ipausers" group.



The documentation states that there is an attribute called "ipaWinSyncDefaultGroupAttr"

that contains the value of what attribute to read for default group membership.

like this:

ipawinsyncdefaultgroupattr: ipaDefaultPrimaryGroup


And the attribute ipaDefaultPrimaryGroup looks to be correct also:

ipaDefaultPrimaryGroup: ipausers


So, what should i do? Should I try to post a bug? Has anyone installed this and got it working?


Hi Johnny


The issue you are facing where the AD users synced to IPA are not added as a member of "ipauser" default group.


This is a bug.




Ahh, ok.


Thanks alot for posting that.