rhel6 rsh as root

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Any one managed to configure rsh connection as root in RHEL6.x?

All work as charm in other version of RHEL how ever the 6.X PAM version is a bit different hence .....prompt for password :(


(Note: SElinux disabled / modified pam rsh+rlogin / removed /etc/securetty  / added ++ to /etc/hostst.equiv / added ++ /root/.rhosts - all the same settings i did from RHEL 7.3 ! )



Thanks ! 


-Erez Kirson




Hi Erez,

I've opened a support case on your behalf to resolve this query.




I've the problem

Have you a solution to this problem ?

thanks for your help


Strange - i did not resolve it yet :(

Thanks for letting us know, Erez. Sounds like a tough one. I'll follow up on this and see if I can find someone who might be able to help out.

I've chased this up, and it sounds like you'll need to open a support case for this one. It will require an analysis of a sosreport and strace from the rlogin process, so a support case is the best way to resolve your question. You can go ahead and open one here.