Display network doen't work for me

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I have installed RHEV (with FreeIPA).


There are two networks in RHEVM. Display network and rhevm network Display and rhevm networks are in different VLANs. Both RHEVM and RHEVH hosts has display and rhevm IPs.


There are two desktops which connect to network via Cisco VPN. First (adminitrator) desktop has access to rhevm and display network. RHEVM and spice work fine. Second desktop has not access to rhevm network (Cisco admin prohibits this access). User can access UserPortal but spice doesn't work because spice client tries to connect to rhevm IP.  So all spice traffic goes throught rhevm network. Why?


the display network problem should have been fixed by vdsm-4.9-112.2.el6 , changes posted upstream at http://gerrit.ovirt.org/255

As noted earlier, there was a bug in Beta with displayNetwork and is fixed in GA which includes vdsm-4.9-112.


If you are using RHEV3 beta, you need to test this with GA and revert back with your feedback.

I've updated RHEV-M and have installed second host with RHEV-H GA (restarted hosts and jbosass) .


But problem still persists. Spicec connects to rhevm IPs. From user desktop spice doesn't work.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor release 6.2 (20120116.0.el6_2)

Need to separate two things here


1. display network setting means the set network will be the one where VMs from the relevant cluster will be listening for spice/vnc connections. 

Does this work OK? When you start a VM, check for `ps -ef |grep qemu` and see where the spice/vnc listener is attached


2. when you use a client machine, and try to connect to a VM's console, the client should know on which network to try accessing the console. 

So if you look at the connections, do you see the spice client go to the right ports on the right host via the right network?



3650M2-top ~]# netstat -tnlp | grep qemu | grep 590
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      13314/qemu-kvm     
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      13314/qemu-kvm     
..... Output omitted ......   
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      25441/qemu-kvm  

/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm .... -spice port=5906,tls-port=5907,addr=0,x509-dir=/etc/pki/vdsm/libvirt-spice,tls-channel=main,tls-channel=inputs



2) Spice client goes to host in rhevm network (not spice network)

1. looks like it's listening on all the IPs - this is definitely wrong

2. again - not the right behaviour. 


Let me try and recreate this internally, I'll keep you posted

I have found some interesting strings in spice log


1327070550 INFO [31839:31839] Application::main: starting 0.8.3
1327070550 INFO [31839:31839] init_key_map: using evdev mapping
1327070551 INFO [31839:31839] MultyMonScreen::MultyMonScreen: platform_win: 123731971
1327070551 INFO [31839:31839] ForeignMenu::ForeignMenu: Creating a foreign menu connection /tmp/SpiceForeignMenu-31839.uds
1327070551 INFO [31839:31839] Controller::Controller: Creating a controller connection /home/pzhukov/.spicec/spice-xpi-btSlcc
1327070551 INFO [31839:31839] Application::enter_full_screen:
1327070551 INFO [31839:31840] RedPeer::connect_secure: Connected to 5903
1327070551 INFO [31839:31840] RedClient::handle_init:
1327070552 INFO [31839:31843] RedPeer::connect_unsecure: Connected to 5902
1327070552 INFO [31839:31844] RedPeer::connect_unsecure: Connected to 5902
1327070552 INFO [31839:31846] RedPeer::connect_unsecure: Connected to 5902
1327070552 INFO [31839:31847] RedPeer::connect_unsecure: Connected to 5902
1327070552 INFO [31839:31848] RedPeer::connect_secure: Connected to 5903
1327070552 INFO [31839:31847] DisplayChannel::create_primary_surface:
1327070552 INFO [31839:31839] DisplayChannel::create_sw_canvas: display 0: using sw
1327070553 INFO [31839:31839] Application::exit_full_screen: 



and after migration



1327070563 INFO [31839:31839] DisplayChannel::destroy_canvas: surface does not exist: 14
1327070563 INFO [31839:31839] DisplayChannel::destroy_canvas: surface does not exist: 20
1327070613 INFO [31839:31840] RedClient::handle_migrate_begin:
1327070622 INFO [31839:31839] Application::switch_host: host=3650M2-top.rhev.domain.com port=5904 sport=5905
1327070622 INFO [31839:31839] RedClient::set_target: old protocol 2, new protocol 0
1327070623 WARN [31839:31840] RedChannel::run: cannot resolve host address 3650M2-top.rhev.domain.com
1327070623 INFO [31839:31839] main: Spice client terminated (exitcode = 2)


So UserPortal gets IP adress of management network (not FQDN) before migration and  FQDN after migration (via spice protocol).


Just for information:

I've got VM info by Rest API

            <address></address> <!-- This is management network address. Is it a bug? -->


seems like the issue should be resolved in vdsm 112.4

please make sure you're up to date

Yes, display network works now!  Thanks. 

Waiting for RHEV-H respin.