10Gbe interfaces and Bridges

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I have loaded RHEL 6.1 and configured it for virtualization on a Dell M910. It has a Broadcom 10GbE daughter card installed and sees the device and p7p1 and p7p2. Under ethtool it shows them as 10000 Mb/s. I create a bridge called br0.


I create a guest also running RHEL 6.1 and connect its 2nd network interface to the bridge. I only have choices under device model for e1000, ne2k_pci, pcnet, rtl8139 amd virtio. If I select the e1000 device model I get a new network interface called eth1 under the guest machine however ethtool reports it speed as 1000Mb/s. I assume it is because I selected e1000 for the device model.


Does anyone know how to a work around to this issue? I lookied into how to add a new device model capable of supporting 10000Mb/s but could not find any documentation.



Virtio is what will give you the maximum bandwidth. Can you try with that?