Resize SAN Storage Pool

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I expanded my SAN volume that RHEV is using as a data storage pool. Is there a way to update these changes in RHEVM preferably without any downtime to the VM's running on our main host?


I was poking around lvm on our management server, but I don't want to make any changes that could destroy vital data.


Hi Tyler,


At the moment, RHEV does not support resizing LUNs at all. In fact, this ncan be quite destructive for the existing storage domain. 

There are several KBs regarding enlarging the size of a RHEV SD, they all sum up to the fact that if you want to add space, you need to create a new LUN, and add it to the existing SD.


The reason is very simple, if you're used to working with LVM - a LUN is formatted as an LVM PV, and the SD (storage domain) is basically a VG, where every VM gets an LV for it's use.

To grow a VG you don't resize the underlying PV, instead you add another PV underneath, and this is exactly the case with RHEV storage domains.


Hope this helps,