Adding IPA Server or AD Server - error

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I'm trying to add my ipa server to rhev-m however here is the error I receive



[root@vms01 ~]# rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain=’’ -user=’admin’ -password=’supersecret’
Argument [passwordFile, interactive] is required.
I searched around, however couldn't find any info regarding this error, now any logs containing more info


Solved this issue minutes after posting


Found this article


 rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain=’’ -user=’admin’ -interactive


is the correct command

In order to search the site you can use the search field in the upper left section of the screen. I just used the words 'rhev' 'password' and the answer was in the 4th result.



But thanks for the link, I did not know about this blog.