WPF App fails starting when using SSL enabled link from RHEVM page - 3.0.0_0001-51.el6

Latest response

RHEVM3 fresh install.

App server CA cert generated and installed properly

WPF Application RHEV-GUI Cert installer downloaded and installed successfully (shows up in Cert manager in MMC, removed CERT and reinstalled to make sure)


Attempting to start WPF when using non-SSL Administrator portal link (8080) works properly, both Web browser and App load correctly.


Attempting to start WPF from SSL Administrator portal link (8443) yields IE err msg stating "Restart the application" with More Information available:


Startup URI: https://rhevm3.adsrv.ngcsu.local:8443/RHEVManager/WPFClient.xbap
Application Identity: 
Security certificate required to access this resource is invalid.
URI of wpf and message

Security certificate required to access this resource is invalid.



More background: Same management station was previously used with RHEVM 2.2.x RHEV-GUI Cert installer certificate. RHEVM 2 seems to still work correctly even with this latest RHEVM 3 WPF cert installed.



1. does WPF over https work from another workstation, one that never touched the old 2.2 setup?

2. Do you have the CA certificate in your trusted cert. authorities container?