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I was wondering what is the logic around spice/vnc console, sometime the console is grey out , sometime it is available. At the moment I am unable to access some server because console link is unavailable


Any hint here?


Thank you!




Applicable only to RHEV3 Beta:


If you are trying this from UserPortal, then it only support SPICE console. So if a guest has vnc as its console assigned on the Manager, you will not be able to view the console from userportal. If the console assigned is spice, please try to log out and log back in and see whether you see it active or not.


From RHEV Manager, you should be able to access both consoles.


Can you clarify whether you are using RHEV3 beta or RHEV-2.2 and whether trying to access the console from RHEV Manager or Userportal.

Good point, Sadique. Sylvain, what version of RHEV are you using? If you're using RHEV 3, there was a bug in the wpf admin console that made the console button unclickable after you closed the initial connection. If you're using the wpf console, then you have to log out and log back in to work around this issue until you have a chance to do a fresh RHEV 3 install. If you're using the webadmin console, then just refreshing the page usually works.

console button stays greyed out on wpf admin gui - fixed in 3.0 GA [private]


console button stays greyed out on webadmin portal - will be fixed in an upcoming release [private]

When you create virtual machines which option did you select ? 'Desktop' or 'server' ?