Desktop VMs name are not changing automatically in pool

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Under Pool tab i have created desktop pool for VDI. While creation of pool i have selected 6 VMs and all these VMs sucessfully deployed from the pool.


But all the VMs are created with same name (template name of the Win XP), is there any way so that vms name also change when we create deploy the VM from the pool.


If you create a pool named "desktop" with 6 vms, then vms in that pool will be named as below.









It has nothing to do with the name of the template used to create the pool.


What was name of the pool you created, name of the resulting vms and name of the template?





VMs are creating with diferrent name but internal windows name is not changeing automaticaly.


Did you check Sysprep?

Hi Sadique,


Thanks for the above article, now i have run the sysprep file but I think i have to add winXP serial key with rhevm-config command, but i am getting bellow error message


[root@rhev-m ~]# rhevm-config --set ProductKey=XXXX8-XXXX6-X7XXX-X3XXX-X9XXX --cver=winxp
Error setting ProductKey's value. No such entry with version winxp.


is this command is correct ?




can you try using --cver=general ?