Logitech Headphone sound is faint

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My Logitec USB headphone sound is just barely audible on my RHEL Workstation OS even with the output set up to full (150%/10.57dB). The same headphones work fine in a WinXP Pro virtual machine guest on my RHEL host (through VMWare). It also works fine when I boot the machine into my native Win 7 Pro. So, does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this?


Thank you.



Out of curiosity, if you open a terminal and type 'alsamixer', does that show 100% as well? 


I've had a couple situations where the volume icon in the upper left corner of the desktop, my headphone volume, speak volume, etc., was all turned up to 100%, yet when I looked at alsamixer it was only showing 30% or so, leading to a very faint sound.


At the least it may be something to rule out.


Thanks for the help.  I didn't even know about alsamixer.  That was the ticket.