SMP and RHEL 6 issue.

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Dear all,


How are you all? I need to know something about RHEL 6 License. Is RHEL-6 Advanced Platform x86_64 supports SMP? If we intend to purchase, how it will be? Is it core based or socket base? As I knew, (I may wrong), RHEL 5 was purchased on the base of socket. But I dont know, about RHEL 6 license issue. Please let me know. Thanks in advanced.


Note: Please correct me if I am wrong.





Yes, it supports SMP and is based on socket.




Note that there is no separate license to run RHEL6, it's all RHEL and you can run any supported version of RHEL if you purchase.

Dear Sadique Puthen


Please check this link. This is much good link for RHEL pricing. Thanks for you reply.