Mount ISCSI storage share without LUN

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I'm trying to add our Dell PS5000 iSCSI SAN and having issues. I can succesfully discover and login to the target, however it appears that the Dell SAN does not specify LUN's in a way that rhev reads them. Our current setup is using a 600GB volume with LV's. I haven't been able to find a way to add this SAN to RHEV-M as it is telling me to select a LUN (non-existant)


Any help appreciated




I don't have knowledge about this specific SAN. You can check the below points.


1 - Check the output of multipath -ll on the host and see whether it lists the SAN luns or not. If no, please run the below commands and see whether that lists or not.



/sbin/iscsiadm -m discoverydb -t sendtargets -p ip <of target>:3260 --discover
/sbin/iscsiadm -m node -T <iqn from earlier command> -l -p <ip of target>:3260

Then check multipath -ll output and see whether you can see the lun.


2 - SAN lun must be empty to add to the RHEV-M. You can do "dd" to wipe out the first 512 bytes of the lun if you think it's not empty.

If what you mean is that you have one large LUN, formatted as a PV, on which you distribute LVs to different systems, then this is not supported by RHEV - as Sadique said, RHEV requires a blank, unformatted LUN, which it will format in it's own way (actually LVM as well)

Thanks for the replies, I guess I had assumed that RHEV would pickup the PV and see the already created LV's


Working now :)

Tylar, one more thing to notice here is that, the lun should > 10G for RHEV to pick it up..