RHEV3 : cluster power saving question

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During the Lab3, I have configured and tested cluster power settings... all goes well.

However, I have one question, after migrating all VMs to a same host, why empty host is not powerred off?

(Of course, I have configured and tested power management for the 2 hosts).

Is there something else to do so that to get the host get automatically powerred of?



RHEV does not power hosts down at all, instead, in power saving mode, it will migrate all the VMs away from hosts, so that the hosts can idle their CPUs, thus consuming much less power


Request For Enhancement is already filed to consider automatic powering off hosts once all guests are migrated under power saving policy.


RFE is under review stage right now and will get implemented in a future version if approved. If you have support with Red Hat, we encourage you to open a case to add weight to the existing RFE.

Is RFE available for viewing?

This RFE bugzilla is currently internal. 


If you have support with Red Hat, please open a case so that it would add more weight and priority to the RFE while product management considers it in the roadmap.

May be for version 4?

Not sure whether it's in version 4 or in 3.x. It has not yet been decided. If it gets more priority due to requests from multiple customers, it could get into 3.x as well.