Does this group be appropriate for virtual servers (or only virtual desktops XP/W7...)?

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I now have a running evaluation environment  (RHEV3).

I created a first 'new server' onto which I installed win2k8r2 eval.

I may have some comments about creating this server (windows one) and wonder either or not this group is appropriate for posts related to server OS? (Changes I operate to the eval guide so that to get a running win VM, time to start a VM, mouse issue with spice...).



Spice issues are definitely here.

Not sure though about Windows VM guest OS installation, so in the meanwhile just open those discussions on the main RHEV Group.



I found it really difficult to configure OS graphically using mouse!

I mainly using keyboard shortcuts to move cursor focus as moving pointer accuratly was a paint point.

I were looking for something available on HP ILOs (a check box to tell software that you have a Fast Mouse).

Don't found this in spice menu?


Also It took quite long time to get anything displayed on screen which remain black so long time. ... something letting user understand that some processing is taken place would be nice.



I mean, you have a Windows client with which you connect to the Admin Portal.

If the mouse is jittery and the screen does not refresh enough, this means that you are connected to this client using rdesktop or other RDP client. 


Mouse on SPICE delivered through RDP (One remote protocol within another remote protocol) will only work well after you have installed the guest tools with the spice agent.


This means that during Windows installation you have three options:

  1. Use the keyboard
  2. Do not use the RDP protocol to access the windows client
  3. If the reason you are using RDP is that you don't have a Windows client machine available, thus you have installed it on a VM in your RHEL box and then RDP into it. Then you can actually use SPICE nativity. Go to the power user section of the evaluation guid follow the instruction but log into the power user portal as the admin user. Then create the VM from there. This will open SPICE directly on the RHEL client and the mouse will function as expected.

Yes, I'm cascading access! from my desktop, I open a RDP session to the Lab machine onto which spice is installed... I will try to change this... but now, as both redhat and windows machine are configured, I'm able to work with them from a cascading RDP session (cropped to smaller size: 1024x768) for windows and Putty for Redhat...but keep advice in memory. Thanks