RHEL 5.5 w/updates DVD

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Good Evening,


I was wondering if there's any tools for creating a DVD with RHEL 5.5 (we're working at moving towards 6.x....but we're lagging a little) with all of the updated packages from RHN?  I have a kickstart that works just fine.


We're trying to deploy a system for a customer that has no network access, and we'd like to give him the latest and greatest on his initial disk.  


First post, so if I screwed up blame the newb.




You may have seen this resource already:

I've always just used kickstart--your mileage may vary :)



Are you saying to include the updates as a custom repo on the dvd?


That could work......I wish there was a way to roll my own DVD replacing the old packages with the updated ones though.  But I could be just making more work for myself.



Hi Arnold. There are a couple of ways to go about this. One is to use the reposync command to gather all the packages from a repository, save packages on a USB drive, run createrepo on it, and have your customer use the drive as a yum repository.


The steps for doing that are described here (just change the channels you want): https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/techbriefs/installing-red-hat-enterprise-virtualization-offline-rhev-30


Another is to use yumdownloader to get packages. I've was given a procedure that used this tool, but haven't tried it yet. Both reposync and yumdownloader grab the latest versions of packages from the channels that are enabled.


One tool you might look into, that I don't think is available for RHEL (but might be somewhere) is pungi. With pungi, you give a few options, including a kickstart file with the rpms you want, and it downloads the latest version of each package and makes it into an install DVD image. I used it to make an 8G Fedora ISO image that I included with the Fedora Bible a few years ago.