use an NFS ISO or Export domain with an FC data domain?

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I'm evaluating RHEV3 and have configured 1 FC domain to be used with my 2 hosts. Beside this, following evaluator guide, I have a local-iso-share (

This share is currently not yet attached and would prefer use an external NFS (already existing one) because my local-iso-share has only 1GB capacity! (rhevm local disk was 36GB only!).

How could I configure the system so that to use this external share instead (



A DC can have only one iso storage domain. If you want to attach an external share as the iso storage domain, you need to detach existing iso storage domain, if any,  from DC first.


Steps will be as below:


1 - Configure NFS share on the external system if it's RHEL. Change ownership of share to 36:36 or the remote directory.


2 - From the storage tab, add a new ISO storage domain using the share created.


3 - Go to DC -> Storage. Deactivate and detach if there is already an ISO sd added. If there are not ISO sd under dc, skip this step and go to #4.


4 - From DC -> Storage, select Attach ISO and select the new share. Then activate the iso storage domain by selecting it.

After being successfully configured, is it possible to access the NFS storage directly from the rhevm shell?

It is possible, but the directory structure needs to be taken into account. 

If you can simply upload an ISO using the provided tools, and then locate it on the NFS share, you can put other ISOs in that same subdirectory directly later on, and they will be picked up.

Is that also the case for the first one (according you put it directly in the folder beneath the images one)?

under images there's a folder called "1111111-1111-..." - this is where the .iso files should reside