RHEV3 : how to recreate default settings (without reinstalling rhevm)?

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During my testing, I decided to delete 'Default' data center so that to restart from start.


I'm able to recreate the 'Default' data Center but not the cluster! Entering 'Default' won't we accepted! however any other name is accepted! but in that cas, I'm unable to join hypervisor servers!


Some help will be appreciated



Deletign a DC will not delete clusters associated with it. You will be able to edit the existing clusters and change Data Center for that.  You can also put hosts to maintenance mode and change its cluster, if needed.


Currently, there is no more Clusters 'no result found' displayed. Trying to recreate the default Cluster (with 'Default' as name) lead to an orange line surrounding the Cluster name Field!

This mean I can't recreate the default behaviour (with 'Default' name for both data center and Cluster).

Should I reinstall all?

The default cluster can't be deleted even if you've removed the default data center.


The reason that you did not see it is probably since on the tree pan you were selecting you new cluster. If you would have selected the 'System' object on the tree tab then go to the cluster tab you should have been able to see this cluster.


In any case you don't have to recreate the default configuration to continue working with RHEV Manager. You can just define a new Data Center and cluster within it and configure them according to your needs. The default data center and cluster are just to make it easier for you to quick start with RHEV Manger, you don't have to use them.


From the console, rhevm-cleanup will do the job from me...
before issuing rhevm-setup again, I cleaned the /etc/exports file.
and deleted the iso/ directory in /data

Was it the best solution... that is the question?

If you want to clean up completely, you need to run rhevm-cleanup and run rhevm-setup again. There is no need to remove details /etc/exports, but just wipe out contents of nfs share to re-add it for data domains.


To re-add the storage domain (FCP or iSCSIS), if any, you will have to wipe out the luns manually using dd command before trying to add it.


You can also create a new DC and  new cluster. Then move Hosts to the new cluster after putting them in maintenace mode by editing the Host properties.

As existing LUNs were previously used by a colleague under control of a redhat hypervisor, I wasn't aware they need to be erased! After recreating Luns, I saw them now in the rhevm gui.