HA for Virtual Machines in RHEV

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I have two hypervisors(hyp1 & hyp2), which are in the same cluster and same datacenter.

If any one of the hypervisor fails all the vms will automatically moved to the next hypervisor.


In my scenario, I am going to install RHEL for SAP application as Virtual Machine(vm1) on hyp1.And its failover will be on another hypervisor (hyp2).


1.If VM1 fails, will the second VM take over?

2.Is HA  possible for virtual machine running SAP application?



Andrew Joseph


1.If VM1 fails, will the second VM take over?


RHEV will not do this. All RHEV does for high availability is if hyp1 goes down, it will restart vm1 on hyp2 using the same storage.


You can however explore integration of RHCS to form a cluster in RHEV which requires fence_rhevm. You need to wait till fence_rhevm is officially supported.


Also see https://access.redhat.com/discussion/when-will-fence-device-fencerhevm-will-be-supported-rhev30

Thanks Sadique for your comments.


Is fence_rhevm supported in RHEV3.0?



Yes, it's supported in RHEV3.0