RHEV3 : host does not meet the cluster's minimum CPU level. Missing CPU features

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Hi, I'm evaluating RHEV and have provisionned 3 blade servers (BL460) for this evaluation.

Installation of rhevm on one balde and the hypervisor on 2 others goes well.


However after followed evaluator guide (Lab1), I noticed that my 2 hypervisors are

marked as 'non operational' with message error at the bottom of the screen:

Host rhv3.demo.redhat.com moved to Non-Operational state as host does not meet the cluster's minimum CPU level. Missing CPU features


Those BL460 are Intel Xeon processor BL460c G1. Is there a way (something to do) to get them working?


Thanks in advance



What kind of CPU is displayed in the "general" subtab of the Hosts screen?


one repport : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MV CPU 3.20GHz with CPU name field empty

the other: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            5160  @ 3.00GHz with CPU Name : Intel Conroe Family

I have enclosed a screen snap here: http://ctera.altimate-group.net/invitations?invitation=5681bb23b7a84d254643



You have one server that I think is too old to support 3.0 cluster level (RHEL 6/RHEV-hypervisor 6) hosts. And another that is supported.


Your problem is probably that you've added the incompatible one first.


To fix that:

  1. Go to the "Clusters" tab
  2. Select the cluster you are using, in your case default.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select the CPU proper CPU family (In your case according to the screen shot it is Conroe Family
  5. Go back to the Hosts tab and activate the server that matches that family.


If you insist to use both hosts you'll have to lower you cluster level and use RHEL5 based hosts not recommended as you will loose the new feature in 3.0. Please say if you are interested and I can provide the instructions here :).


Thanks for your answer. I finally managed getting 2 servers 'up' and will continue using rhev3. I fixed the CPU type as per instructed and provisionned another 'compatible' blade... I will continue working with the evaluation guide... may be I will come back later with other questions! (I have FC storage not iSCSI... and noticed the evaluator guide assume iscsi one).

Thanks again





The evaluation guide has iSCSI in the installation example however it does have a section in the storage domain configuration on how to use FC.


If you've missed that remark and already configured the default Data Center in the installation phase to use iSCSI, you can always change it later from the GUI (Data Centers tab -> Edit -> Type field).


I hope this helps,


I will have a look at it in upcoming days.

Thanks again