RHEL repair option

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I think as we have repair option in windows by which we can repair the complete OS and no need to install the software again. RHEL team should work on this. This could be very good option if they provide in RHEL .No need to format dives and data will be safe and  no need to install each software again.


I come from the camp that says the ability to re-provision a system from scratch is more important than repairing it.


Using tools such as Satellite & Puppet (soon System Engine), a system can be viewed almost as stateless.  If a system starts to misbehave, I can re-provision it in less time than I can diagnose it and fix.  All data is stored on the network, SAN or backed up so that it's available immediately after re-provisioning.


If you try to repair from CD, DVD or image, the patches and config changes you have made will be lost.  Systems re-provisioned from Satellite or similar are always patched to the latest level you have and configured exactly as your Puppet server mandates.