Typo at rhev manager log when adding a host.

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This bug (typo) is for RHEV 3 Beta.

I think it is a Manager bug although depending on the way you setup your files it might an hypervisor bug because it has something to do with the script that setups an hypervisor.


How to reproduce:

  Try to add a new host. That's: Select a cluster. Click on Hosts tab. Click on New. The New Host dialog appears. Enter data and click OK.


The Manager will try to install or setup the added host as an hypervisor. In my case it fails (just in case it the bug only happens when it fails).


So if I take a look at:


file I can see:

2011-12-26 18:25:38,193 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.VdsInstaller] (pool-21-thread-6) Installation of rhev4.mydomain.net. Recieved message: <BSTRAP component='RHN_REGISTRATION' status='OK' message='Host properly registered with RHN/Satellite.'/>

I think that Recieved should read: Received.