Installing RHEV-H using PXE

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Since my servers do not have a cd/dvd reader, I tried

doing a PXE boot of the ISO image.  This involves using

a special version of memdisk which loads the ISO image

into ram and the boots from the image.  It works well

for almost every bootable ISO image, but not for RHEV-H.

I get a kernel panic every time.


So I'd like to try the documented method of PXE booting.

Does anyone know the link to that document?


Hi Carl,


The deployment guide is available at


As for the kernel panic, RHEV-H is a special distribution, and lots of components there are removed, for the sake of lowering the footprint. Please keep us posted on your progress, so we can make sure the guide provided the information required to get your setup up and running.


EDIT: Just checked it - In RHEV 3.0, the landing page also contains all the links to the relevant documentation. So if you simply go to http://your.rhevm.machine.fqdn:8080 or https://your.rhevm.machine.fqdn:8443 and scroll down to documentation list, you'll be able to locally see all the relevant docs


Hope this helps


Thanks, Dan.  That did get me started, but now I

have another problem.  I can't add the channel

rhel-x86_64-server-6-rhevh-beta, which is required

to get the rpm packages.


[root@borgqueen ~]# rhn-channel -v -u carltm_rh -a -c rhel-x86_64-server-6-rhevh-beta
Error communicating with server. The message was:

Error Class Code: 71
Error Class Info:
     You do not have subscription permission to the designated channel.
     Please refer to your organization's channel or organization administrators for
     further details.

It seems to me that beta testers should have access

to that channel, since it is mentioned in the documentation.

OK, so you are missing channel entitlements, I did verify the channel exists.

Looking here ( ) at the RHEV Hypervisor channel link ( ) are you able to browse over there?


If you're missing access to the channel, we will have to check why - that is check your RHN sunscriptions and permissions, and find out why this one is missing

Yes, I registered for the RHEV beta release, and got

the standard entitlements.  However the RHEV Hypervisor

beta channel is not included (which doesn't make sense

to me).


Would you please investigate this further?  I really would

like to download the packages referred to in the documentation.


These are the channels that I received:


[root@borgqueen ~]# rhn-channel -v -l
[root@borgqueen ~]#

These channels are available to my account:


[root@borgqueen ~]# rhn-channel -v -u carltm_rh -L
[root@borgqueen ~]#

Will update you here as soon as there is progress with this. I suppose this is just a matter of opening up another channel entitlement, shouldn't take long



Any chance they can open the channel sometime today?  I'd like to work on it over the weekend.

Can you check to see if you can see this:


The RHEV-H image can be found in the Download tab/section.


Hope this helps.



That URL works.  I'll download the packages and continue with the installation.   Thanks!

The pxe boot works flawlessly.  My suggestion is that it

would be good to rename the vmlinuz0 to vmlinuz-rhehv

and initrd0.img to initrd0-rhehv.img, since this would better

support pre-existing pxe environments.


Also it would be good to update the beta documentation

for RHEV to include the link referenced above and remove

the reference to the rhevh beta channel, since the channel

is not available to people who registered for the beta.

Thanks for the suggestion, definitely makes sense to me. I have passed it on

As Dan mentioned previously the RHEL 6 Hypervisor Deployment guide (specifically section 3.2) is quite helpful. I too assumed you could simply boot off the ISO image, or the files from the ISO, but that was an incorrect assumption. This is still a work in progress, so let me know if something could be improved. This is my current process that I use for my lab:



# mkdir /media/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0

# mount -o loop /export/isos/RHEVH/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0.iso /media/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0

# mkdir /tftpboot/RHEVH

# chcon --reference /var/lib/tftpboot/ /tftpboot/

# cd /var/tmp

# /media/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0/LiveOS/livecd-iso-to-pxeboot /export/isos/RHEVH/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0.iso

# cp tftpboot/vmlinuz0 tftpboot/initrd0.img /tftpboot/RHEVH/ # umount /media/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0

# restorecon -RFvv /tftpboot/ 


/* excerpt from my /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default */


# eth0 = 00:1b:21:d4:7f:1e Intel

# eth1 = 50:e5:49:9f:31:f3 Realtek Onboard * USE THIS ONE

label RHEVH02

  kernel RHEVH/vmlinuz0


  APPEND initrd=RHEVH/initrd0.img rootflags=loop root=live:/rhevh-6.2-20111108.0.iso rootfstype=auto ro liveimg nomodeset check rootflags=ro crashkernel=512M-2G:64M,2G-:128M elevator=deadline processor.max_cstate=1 install quiet rd_NO_LVM rhgb rd_NO_LUKS rd_NO_MD rd_NO_DM ip= netmask= gateway= dns= hostname=rhevh02.area51.private ntp= local_boot storage_init=/dev/sda storage_vol=::::: nocheck management_server=rhevm.area51.private:8443 rhevh_admin_passwd=EncryptedPasswdHere adminpw=EncryptedPasswdHere ssh_pwauth=1 rhn_activationkey=YourKeyGoesHere rhn_profile=RHEVH02.area51.private

# storage_vol=SWAP::CONFIG:LOGGING:DATA - root "/" is omitted, as is /boot

# IPAPPEND 2 - Basically equates BOOTIF=MAC Address

# ksdevice appears to be useless with RHEVH

Hi James,


I think a lot of what you put in your comment can be seen in the formal documentation here.  It covers using the rhevh-iso-to-pxeboot command as well as how to set up the pxelinux config file.


Also, please review the steps here on installing the rhev-hypervisor6 and rhev-hypervisor6-tools RPMs.  Note the section on the rhev-hypervisor6-tools subpackage, which contains the tools rhevh-iso-to-pxeboot and rhev-iso-to-disk.  So you can omit the steps you posted about loopback mounting the ISO to get those tools if you install the right RPMs. 


Otherwise, your steps look good but the do duplicate what is in the formal docs.







Also, when running the rhevh-iso-to-pxeboot with an iso-file as argument, make sure your current directory doesn't contain an old iso-file or link called rhev-hypervisor6.iso, because it will use that file, regardless of the argument.


Spent some time figuring that one out....


Regards, Brian